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How to Figure Solar Power for Outdoor Advertising Billboard Display?

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More and more advertising companies have chosen solar power solutions to solve the problem of powering outdoor billboards. However, they did not have a good understanding of photovoltaic off-grid power generation, and could not understand the configuration scheme provided by the product supplier, which was not ideal for price expectations. Some equipment suppliers, in order to win the order, compete at a very unreasonable low price. As a result, the configuration is seriously insufficient, the power of the floodlight is less, the lighting effect is poor, and even the basic brightness and saturation are not achieved; the conversion efficiency of the photovoltaic module is low, and the power generation effect is not achieved even under the conditions of ideal sunshine conditions; The battery can not be fully charged, but it is in an excessively deep state every day. The performance of the battery is seriously degraded and scrapped in advance. Eventually, the advertising company had to re-engineer the price for a bigger price, which was not worth the candle.



Now, taking the configuration of the single side billboard with 18 meters (width) × 6 meters (height) as an example, how to make the configuration and requirements of related components are described in detail.


1. LED Spotlight

Highway advertising billboards must have satisfactory illumination and picture uniformity, and good color reproduction performance to ensure that people can see the advertisement screen in a fast-moving vehicle. Therefore, the choice of spotlights is very important. Due to the solar power supply, the greater the load power, the greater the battery capacity requirements, and the corresponding photovoltaic power must also increase. Due to installation conditions and safety considerations, there may not be too many solar panels placed on the top of the outdoor billboard. Otherwise, it will have certain impact on the stability of the column structure, especially under the strong wind.

According to many engineering actual cases, we recommend an LED flood light with three different specifications of DC24V 20W/30W/50W. The floodlight adopts high-power high-lumen LED lamp bead, which is highly efficient and energy-saving. It can replace the ordinary 80W/100W/120W energy-saving lamp and has good color reproduction performance, good heat dissipation and waterproof performance, low light decay, and long service life. A special cost-effective outdoor billboard led floodlight.


Illumination working time and Rainy days

In this case, the billboard is equipped with 9 LED floodlights, illumination from top to bottom or from bottom to top, illumination for 4 hours every night, make sure the system to meet the illumination power for 4 rainy days.

Load (LED floodlight) power consumption calculation:


9×30W×4h×4d=4320 Wh


The system uses DC 24V power supply. Considering the line loss and the controller's own power consumption, the battery is recommended to reserve 4500Wh to meet the illumination time requirements.


2. Battery capacity calculation

The energy storage device uses a lead-acid battery, and the theoretical capacity of the battery is calculated according to the total power consumption of the above load:




According to the battery-related technical standards, the discharge rate of the battery is more economical and reasonable at 0.5C2, which can ensure the number of cycles of charge and discharge of the battery and effectively extend the service life. Since the outdoor advertising billboard is only discharged at night and the discharge time is short, the design of the scheme appropriately increases the discharge rate of the battery to 0.6C2. Therefore, the actual capacity of the battery is calculated:


The lead-acid battery has a specification of 12V 150Ah/only, and the connection mode is 2 series and 2 parallel, the total capacity is 24V 300Ah, and a total of 4 batteries are required.


3. Solar Panel Calculation

After calculating the configured capacity of the battery by the above calculation, then calculate the power configuration of the solar panel.


In this case design, the geographical position of the solar outdoor advertising billboard is in accordance with the standard state, that is, the temperature is 25°, the insolation intensity is 1000 W/M 2, and the average effective sunshine time is 5 hours. The use of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of 16%, in line with the standards set by the National Energy Administration.

In theory, the power generation of PV modules must meet the above requirements of 4500Wh, and the power of PV modules must be strictly configured.

Because the spotlight discharges only 30W × 9 Pcs × 4 hours = 1080 Wh per night. The average is less than 1100Wh. But it is impossible to have no sun for 4 consecutive days in Africa.


Consider the actual cost, installation space and weight of the top of the billboard structure. In the case of this solar power system, the photovoltaic power generation is reduced by 30%, about 3000Wh, which ensures that the battery has sufficient margin every night, and can be realized. Multi-day slow charging, fully charged battery, is a relatively economical solution.

Solar Panel of PV Array Power calculation:


Solar Power Generation = Solar PV Power × Sunshine time × Comprehensive coefficient.


The comprehensive coefficient refers to the loss coefficient caused by factors such as temperature change, line loss, and controller (or inverter) conversion efficiency. The value is generally 0.5-0.7, and the value is 0.5.


Therefore, the Solar Panel of PV Array Power calculation:




The specifications of the PV array components are 36V 275W, the connection method is 4 parallel, the total power is 36V 1100W, and the battery can be fully charged in 2 days under standard sunshine conditions.


4. Solar Controller

A stable solar charge and discharge controller is the core component of a photovoltaic power generation system. The quality of the controller directly affects the power generation of the entire solar power generation system, battery life, and overall maintenance costs.

In the case, Adhaiwell selects the MPPT three-phase charging mode with the anti-overcharge, anti-over-discharge and time-control functions are perfect. Specifications are 24V 30A.


5. PV Protection Combiner Box

The role of the PV combiner box is to reduce the wiring between the PV module array and the controller. The user can connect a certain number of PV modules with the same specifications in series to form a photovoltaic series, and then connect several photovoltaic series in parallel to the PV confluence lightning protection box, and after DC convergence in the PV lightning protection confluence box, through DC breaking Output.

  Most of the highway billboards are in an empty place, so we must pay attention to the impact of lightning on the equipment. We have added DC high voltage lightning protection modules and high power anti-reverse diodes in the PV combiner box.

In order to save costs, some manufacturers & supplier have omitted the photovoltaic lightning protection combiner box and directly connected the components to the controller, which not only increases the difficulty of wiring but also is detrimental to fault detection and maintenance. Without the protection of the PV lightning protection combiner box, the serious consequence is that it is very likely to be damaged by lightning, damage to the controller, floodlights, and no photovoltaics at night, the sudden failure of the controller, the battery against the components Discharge and burn the components.


6. Solar Power System Support Structure and Cable

In order to firmly fix the PV array module to the top of the billboard, the solar panel bracket is essential.

The cable is the wire between the connecting component, the controller and the floodlight. It is exposed to outdoor use and is exposed to the sun for a long time and rain. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, it is necessary to use a cable with high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and UV protection.



Now, I believe that everyone will have an understanding of the configuration and requirements of the outdoor billboard solar power system, with reference to the following table, perhaps a relatively accurate budget for the equipment supplier's offer.


1. LED Flood Light / 24V 30W / 9pcs

2. Solar Panel  / 36V 275W / 4pcs

3. Solar Batteries / 12V 150Ah  / 4pcs

4. Solar Controller / 24V 30A / 1pc

5. PV Combiner Box / 2 in 1 out / 1set




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