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Social Media VS Traditional Media

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Social Media VS Traditional Media

Say goodbye to 2020 through outdoor traditional media!

Social media has to rely on outdoor media promotion.

Twitter Billboards Show We Coped With the Horrors of 2020 by Tweeting About It

At the end of 2020, Twitter started articles on outdoor billboards, responding to this extremely unusual year with humorous and funny user real tweets.

The brander of Twitter selected 24 tweets from nearly 6 million real user tweets related to “2020”. They were made into 49 outdoor advertising billboards, which were successively set up in public spaces in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Oakland.


As you know, there are some reasons for the huge difference between Traditional Media and Social Media are as follows:


  1.  Social media attracts the largest audience, while traditional media audiences are usually more targeted.

  2.  Social media is widely used (it can be changed after publishing), while traditional media is fixed after publishing.

  3. Social media is instant, while traditional media may be delayed due to the timing of news releases.

  4. Social media is a two-way conversation, but traditional media is a one-way conversation.

  5. Social media usually has unreliable demographic data, but traditional media is more accurate.


Social media and traditional media cooperate to achieve better interaction with the audience and expand influence- in the service of establishing cooperation & interaction among Social media, traditional media, and their audience. 

Let more people see the humorous and self-defeating funny comments. Let's set off, let us use a good mood to welcome the arrival of the new year!

The creativity and production of this marketing campaign are all done by Twitter's internal team.

A Twitter spokesperson said the brand ideated the campaign internally and opted to highlight tweets from a mix of people that offered a variety of comedic takes on 2020, showing the ways people brought joy to the platform during a challenging year. 

The campaign will spotlight 24 tweets in 49 OOH placements through Dec. 28, while outdoor advertising billboards, newsstands, LED Digital Advertising Dillboards Display, and Bus Shelter placements will run through Dec. 31. 



Before I agree to 2021 I need to see some terms and conditions.

mupi light box 


First rule of 2021. Don't talk about 2020.

wall mounted led digital display 


it goes from 2019 then 2021 - we don't know this year

 Top roof led advertising screen


2020 ... girl ... what happened?

 outdoor led advertising billboard


Please do not bring that foolishness into 2021.

traditional media advertising 



 Dear 2021, Please don't tell 2020 to hold your beer. Please.

Social media vs traditional media 



if 2020 was a person it would be my ex

 outdoor led media solution



I'm leaving 2020 the worst review.

outdoor unipole billboard 



2020 needs to pull over and just let me out .. i'll walk

flex pvc printing advertising billboard 



I'm not entering 2021 unless I see a trailer

traditional media display



We wish you a Happy New Year 2021!


We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty throughout the year!

Even though we all had a very special year, we are sure that the new year will bring many positive moments!


Adhaiwell Media Team


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