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How Digital Signage Helps Retailers Improve In-store Experience?

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In the past few decades, the main goal of advertising was to attract customers to retail outlets, not the immersive brand experience we see today. Since retail is only one of several channels of customer experience, your retail store needs the sole purpose of serving the brand—not just selling products. The important thing is to get customers back to your retail location and continuously improve their positive impression of your brand.


With the continuous development of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retailers are looking for new ways to interact and communicate with customers in stores.

Adhaiwell can help you integrate Digital Signage and physical shopping experiences, allowing retailers to make better use of offline and online channels. Adhaiwell's retails digital signage software and solution opens up many new ways to attract customers by using LCD displays in rapidly changing environments. With the most practical retail signage solution on the market, you can connect and manage content on any screen in real-time.


One way to enhance the interaction between customers and brands is to integrate digital signage into your location. Embedding digital signage in the environment allows you to integrate video content and scrolling images to attract customer attention and interaction, which is critical if deployed as a whole. Digital signage can greatly improve the customer experience from the following five aspects.



Digital Signage should be eye-catching

    When customers visit your retail space, they usually think of a goal and want to achieve it as efficiently as possible. Digital signage can encourage them to stay longer by introducing new ideas, customized services, and related retail information. By playing strategic videos or target images, digital signage can enhance the meaning of your brand, make your customers rethink the functions of your brand, and change their perception of the retail store itself. Initiating a conversation, idea or thought means your customers are more likely to stay in the store longer and recommend this experience to friends.


Digital Signage supports your spirit

    No matter what your brand is, your retail space should always support your brand spirit. Thoughtful digital signage that supports your brand mission and culture can greatly influence how customers perceive your brand. For example, in Lining retail environment, images of famous athletes related to Lining are displayed on the screen. These athletes tell stories of perseverance and hard work, so customers associate these values with the Lining brand. These positive connections inspire customers to continue to connect with your brand.


Digital Signage enhances your reputation

  Showing useful insights and customer reviews can make your brand more credible and greatly help increase brand awareness. Have you won? Show them. Always make sure that your customers know who is helping them. For example, if they are communicating with certified financial planning experts, please try to emphasize this expertise to make customers more confident in the brand they choose. The best practice is to display employee data in digital signage to show employee qualifications and roles. Also, if your company representative appears in the local news, please include the interview on the rotating slide of the digital signage.


Digital Signage show your value

   Customers, especially millennials, want their favorite brands to share their value. Demonstrating the meaning of brand cohesion in digital signage can help them establish more connections with charitable organizations, whether through charitable efforts or a few words about brand core values. In addition, you can show customers your commitment to the local community and design retail spaces and signs to showcase the local flavor. Emphasize what makes each community different, and customers will feel at home.


Digital Signage Amazed and Delighted your customers

    Digital signage should add color, texture, flavor, and vitality to your retail store, which should surprise and delight your customers. Now customers have countless choices, so it’s important that you make your retail space targeted, planned, and cool. By making customers feel engaged in the retail environment and providing a customized brand experience consistent with other channels, you can show them the unique features and experiences available in the store. When customers are excited, they will want to return to your retail environment, so make sure that your digital signage is dynamic and consistently and seamlessly enhances the customer’s overall brand experience.

   Digital signage can change the retail store in the eyes of customers. In addition to attracting attention and triggering dialogue, digital signage can also show the meaning of your brand. This means transforming brand spirit, value and reputation into reality in real life.


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