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Largest Cantilever Signage Manufacturer in The Middle East & Africa

Fixed on the side of the road. Flag shaped, one side display board.Two types option: Small Display Board and Broad Display Board.

  • W10 x H4m
  • Adhaiwell
  • 94056000
  • 10 Tons
  • 10x4m

Product Description

Specializing in Outdoor Advertising Billboard Display!

Adhaiwell is a leading manufacturer of outdoor advertising & billboards & hoarding signs with over 10 years of experience in the industry from China supplier.. If you are looking for an outdoor signs display, billboards or hoarding advertising Supply has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decision for your business. Stand out from competitors with our vibrant and attractive outdoor advertising products.

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Let Advertising Billboard Signage to Promote Brand for you

What is the Cantilever Advertising Column Billboard?

Compared to a large hoarding or billboard, a cantilever unipole billboard signs on the highway, railway, road or street can make a massive impact. Whether you’re a new brand or an existing one, cantilever unipoles billboard are an attractive way to create brand awareness. Adhaiwell can create front-lit or back-lit unipole signs so that you can catch the eyes of thousands every single day.

CANTILEVER BILLBOARD SERVICES by Adhaiwell in China supplier

We make in various specifications of outdoor cantilever unipole or column billboard advertising displays in accordance with the stipulations detailed by clients.

Fixed on the side of the road.

Flag shaped, one side display board.

Two types option: Small Display Board and Broad Display Board.


AdHaiWell Provides Various Type of Outdoor Advertising Billboards & Hoardings Signs for Your Choices.

  • Trihedron Unipole Billboard  

  • Double Side Unipole Billboard (H-Shape)

  • Double Side Unipole Billboard (V-Shape)

  • Cantilever Unipole Billboard

  • Slant Column Billboard 

  • Round Column Billboard

  • Spectacular Unipole Billboard

  • Arc-Shape Unipole Billboard

  • Gantry Traffic Advertising Signs

Trihedron-Unipole-Billboard.jpg Double-Sided-Unipole-Billboard-H-Shape.jpg 

Double-Sided-Unipole-Billboard.jpg Cantilever-Unipole-Billboard.jpg

Slant-Column-Billboard.jpg Round-Column-Billboard.jpg   Spectacular-Unipole-Billboard.jpg Arc-Shape-Billboard.jpg


We are committed to providing finished steel advertising unipole billboard structures that exceed industry standards in quality, safety, and return on investment. We are expert in creating solutions for even the most demanding outdoor advertising location challenges! We also specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of signs in locations where other companies say it is not possible!

We Design, Fabricate, & Install

We are experts at fabrication and installation of outdoor advertising unipole billboard structures that maximizing revenue. Adhaiwell can also help you to make your own modern, LED digital advertising billboards structure. 

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 Chaotian Induatrial Zone, Guangzhou,China
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