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55 Check Lists of Final Inspection for Outdoor LED Screen Display

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Do you want to get high quality of led screen display while buying a reasonable cost of the led screen, but need an expert opinion? 

In order to take into account all aspects be sure to ask manufacturers and suppliers to make an inspection checklist for the LED display.

Adhaiwell LED has acquired a unique experience in the LED Display quality control. 

We are proud to provide the most advanced quality control in LED screen field, performed by inspectors with years of experience.

China Led Display Billboard Manufacturer - HAIWELL

Outdoor SMD LED Screen Display

Final Inspection 

55 - Points Checklist

Project No. : 
Model : SMD LED Screen Display

Pass Reject N/A
1 Control system brand: NOVA Nova
2 LED lamp specifications / die brand: NATIONAL STAR
3 Driver IC Model / Brand : SUM2017 / 1920HZ
4 Power supply model/brand: MEANWELL
5 Module model number/size:
6 Box structure / size model / material / label

Pass Reject N/A
7 The surface of the module is uniform in color, no lamp is concave, and the lamp is biased.
8 The flatness of the module surface is within the range of 1M ≤ 0.5mm
9 Module assembly gap ≤ pixel pitch 5%
10 The surface of the box is free from scratches, oxidation, damage, and deformation.
11 The lock, handle, positioning pin, door lock, corner chain, etc. are not damaged, no oxidation; the function meets the requirements.
12 The mounting hole of the box has no sliding teeth, paint, oxidation
13 Power line polarity, length/data line polarity/capacitor polarity can not be wrong
14 No xenon lamp, less light, manual take-up
15 After the box is finished, the module needs to be centered, the edge, and the seam is within 0.3MM.
16 Waterproof rubber ring should not be leaked, glue and three anti-paint paint in place
17 Inside the cabinet, no tin slag, screws, wire ends, etc.
18 The lock module, power supply, fan, and other screws are not loose, no leakage phenomenon; the terminal screw is not loose
19 Warning, the grounding mark is correctly pasted, no missing stickers
20 The box door is closed tightly after being locked, without deformation
21 The screen printing pattern of the box is correct, no screen printing is bad.

Pass Reject N/A
22 The cabinet power cord and data cable are connected without any defects.
23 Assembling Check the box connecting piece, the lock is functioning normally.
24 The box connecting piece, the lock is used normally.
25 Inside and outside the box, left and right, the upper and lower power cords are connected normally, no tightness, no loose connection
26 Box assembly gap ≤ 10% of pixel pitch

Pass Reject N/A
27 Screen brightness ≥ cd / m2
28 Color coordinates: X:                  Y:
29 Left and right viewing angle ≥         
Up and down ≥
30 Gray level:
31 Frame change frequency:
32 Refresh frequency:
33 Out of control pixel points ≤ 0.3/ 10000
34 The video plays smoothly, clearly and in pure colors. No flicker, no smear, no jitter, no shadow
35 Scan, R, G, B, W brightness, uniformity of chromaticity; no dark, string, color, lack of color
36 Is the ink color consistent in the whole screen black screen state?
37 There are no dead lights / severe flower screen phenomenon
38 Whether the white screen brightness/color temperature/coordinate/constant current output meets the debugging requirements;
39 Whether the brightness/color temperature of the white screen and the monochrome level meets the requirements at 255 levels;
40 White screen and monochrome at 30 or above brightness/chromaticity meet the requirements"
41 Power (single box maximum power ≦ W)


Pass Reject N/A
42 Power failure test: power off 3 times, large screen playback is normal, no function problem
43 Withstand voltage test: high voltage 1500V test 60S leakage current <100mA
44 Grounding resistance test: 25A test 60S grounding resistance <0.1 ohm
45 Leakage current test: less than or equal to 0.25MA
46 Waterproof test front IP65; back IP
47 Insulation withstand voltage test: 1500W, 20MA, 5-10S, no breakdown
48 Aging: indoor screen for at least 18 hours or outdoor for 72 hours
49 Vibration test

Pass Reject N/A
50 Box weight ≦KG;
51 Packing method: Number of packages:
52 Printed labeling specifications are correct and clear
53 The package is complete and intact, and the accessories are complete.

Pass Reject N/A
54 The list of spare parts is checked, and there are no missing parts.
55 The equipment has no appearance, poor function and reasonable packaging.

If you want to save the form above, you can choose to download the document.

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