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Why digital signage hand sanitizer is a new trend product in 2020?

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The WHO pointed out: Coronavirus is not heat-resistant, and water above 50 degrees can be killed in 30 minutes, alcohol and chlorine-containing disinfectants can be killed. It is recommended that this disinfection advertising machine automatically sense the spray throughout the process, do not touch it by hand, reduce contact Infection, anti-virus, safe, and non-toxic.


In order to slow down the spread of the COVID-19  virus pandemic. Adhaiwell produced the 21.5-inch Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, it is 2020 new trends product for advertising display and hand washing.

Digital Signage with hand sanitizer Disinfected advertising device has successfully transformed the advertising business from the previous "seeking attention" to the current "attention". The traditional advertising business is mainly based on certain forms of media communication. 

Disinfection advertising device has combined the hands-free disinfection function in the digital signage, with excellent design to turn advertisements into something that Audience takes the initiative to pay attention to. Thereby improving advertising efficiency.

Store the advertising contents in the PC or the built-in memory card, and adjust the content, time, and sequence of the playback through remote control. The remote management of information & contents through CMS software is realized, and the advertisement information is released to the public at once. Upload some popular videos and so on in prime time period, which is mixed with advertisements. This kind of advertising method can be welcomed by the public, and the advertising effect it plays is also relatively good.


Self-service Disinfection Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer —— The Keeper of Health



Product features of self-service disinfection of Digital Signage with Hand Sanitizer:


1. Simple and convenient: the operation is simple, the spray duration can be adjusted, and the size of the spray particles can also be adjusted, and the killing process can be completed in just 7 seconds.

2. Silent and no noise: The machine operates silently without affecting other people.

3. Low cost: The average cost of serving each customer is less than 0.1 RMB= 0.015 USD, a small cost in exchange for a big improvement in service.

4. Safety and environmental protection: using civilian safe raw materials, no chemical reaction during the killing process

5. Safety and environmental protection LCD advertising screen: The disinfection machine can be equipped with a 21.5 inch LCD screen, which can play video announcements.

6. Consumables are easy to obtain: Hypochlorous acid disinfectant or alcohol disinfectant is optional.



The hand-disinfection-free integrated digital signage hand sanitizer advertising equipment is a product of the times and has also entered R & D and production to meet the needs of the COVID-19. Through the organic combination of hand sanitizer and digital signage advertising display, better anti-epidemic propaganda and advertising are placed, and the advertising effect is increased by 30% Above.

Advantages of this Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer:


1. Infrared sensor automatic hand sanitizer nozzle, which automatically sprays hand sanitizer or disinfection gel through infrared sensor technology, can achieve rapid disinfection within one second, which is very convenient and fast, avoiding contact;


2. Using Android 6.0 system and quad-core motherboard, it can adapt to most software on the market, and the fluency of the system is greatly guaranteed;


3. With the software for information release, it supports visualization and fool-like operation, and it is very convenient to get started;


4. Wall brackets and standing brackets (options) can meet the needs of multiple application scenarios, and support wall-mounted installations and standing installations in embedded installations;


5. A large-capacity 2000 ml hand sanitizer tank avoids complicated addition of disinfection pages and hand sanitizer, effectively reducing maintenance costs;


The digital signage hand sanitizer with LCD advertising screen is a product that has been put into the market and has been praised and favored by users through research. Adhaiwell has been focusing on the development and production of touch all-in-one machines and LCD advertising signage for many years. Production services and perfect product solutions.





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