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Why Invest in Outdoor Unipole Billboards

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Single-column billboard advertisements come in many forms, and their functions and effects are also different. The role of outdoor advertising billboards can be seen everywhere. With the development of social economy, outdoor unipole ads billboards, as a kind of media communication means with strong market impact, are more and more popular and favored by outdoor owners. The most basic feature of a single-column billboard is its dual advantage. In high coverage, it not only allows the viewer to react instantly to the advertising product, but also has a long-term impact on the audience after repeated information.

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In addition, the popularity of the advertisement can reflect the average coverage. The average awareness of the single-column advertisement for all adults is about 23%, but the data of different viewers will be different. During the advertisement, the product awareness on the curve the level can reflect the real situation of POSTAR coverage. Single-column ads can increase instant coverage, and after that, it can increase instant visibility with the industry.

In our lives, many people do not watch TV, and column outdoor advertising can more effectively reach the audience who rarely watch TV. Those who do not watch TV are not equal to not looking at the single-column advertising billboard. Moreover, many people who do not watch TV are white-collar workers, and the income of white-collar workers is relatively high. The white-collar workers who look at outdoor advertising are a great news for advertisers. They are also beneficial to them. They look at the single-column advertisements and leave a deep impression on your products. If they want to buy similar products, of course they first Think of your products, is this not a good news for advertisers?

The American Association of Outdoor Advertising (OAAA) also conducted an experiment to demonstrate the role of outdoor advertising in driving digital interactions while exploring the opportunities for interaction between the offline world and digital media.

Advertise in a real world.

This groundbreaking research, the theme is called "feeling real", the target audience for this outdoor advertising campaign is the advertiser. The core message conveyed by the event - "This ad is true" - is clear, simple and straightforward.

When the target audience logs into the site, they go through a multi-test to verify that they are real people, and then the site tells them what the role of outdoor marketing in driving digital traffic.

A Nielsen study shows that 33% of consumers who have seen an outdoor ad will search for relevant advertisers on their mobile devices. These figures clearly show that advertisers need to consider using outdoor as an indispensable part of their media plan.

As Jim Spaeth, chief product officer of research firm Reality Mine, said in an article recently, “Outdoors are often the first step in our shopping journey. Brands can lock consumers’ interactions through an effective outdoor combination of mobile advertising. Participation is a key success strategy for brands and retailers."

The role of single-column advertising is to continuously enhance and expand the visibility and reach of advertising. And the above-mentioned things just prove this. Outdoor single-column advertising billboards serve as an auxiliary medium. If the idea of outdoor advertising is based on a certain image of TV commercials, its recall rate is much higher than expected because it can evoke and deepen the memory of TV commercials in consumers' minds. It is more effective and more successful than TV commercials.

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