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What is Citylight Media and How can it be used?

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Citylight ( Light Box ) or Mupis LED light box is a form of outdoor or outdoor advertising signage. It belongs to the so-called urban furniture, i.e. elements of street furniture that shape the aesthetics of urban space. In addition to citylights, city furniture includes bus shelters, advertising poles, and kiosks. Citylight manufacturers must, therefore, take into account that they not only perform an advertising function but also are part of the urban landscape.


The Citylights ( Mupi light box)  media are usually installed in areas of intensive pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians are considered to be the primary audience of citylights.





Citylight takes the form of an illuminated notice board. It is usually 120 by 180 cm. 

The modern design of this citylights constructions is a bit higher than the average person, the advertising area is at the level of the human eye, which improves the quality of contact of images with consumers.


Citylight advertising display manufacturers use aluminum profiles for their construction. Glazing is made of tempered glass, polycarbonate or plexiglass. The aluminum frame is lockable, which allows easy and convenient poster replacement.


Citylights is a backlight advertisement, i.e. illuminated from behind. The backlight can be made in various technologies - both on the basis of fluorescent lamps as well as LED diodes. The second solution is gaining popularity due to its energy efficiency. Advertising time in citylights is from two weeks to a month. Its recipients are both pedestrians and people using public transport or their own car.


The display material in citylights is poster printing paper with specific properties. The paperweight is a minimum of 150 g / m2, which ensures optimal light dispersion. Citylight manufacturers usually print posters in the solvent technique. It guarantees characteristic for this type of advertisement - color saturation and high contrast.


Technical aspects should be combined with a precisely prepared design, taking into account the visual identity of the brand and adapting the form to the content. Citylights often use the symbol, and eyetracking is often used in the design process.



Citylights are adapted for installation in pedestrian routes. They are located in the most frequented places - shopping malls, stations, stops, pedestrian streets and metro stations. They can be built into the walls of buildings, vehicles or underground passages. They are used in the function of advertising directed to the mass recipient and as part of shaping urban aesthetics.


Often they complement TV advertising campaigns. This is the only advertising medium that can be used in downtown and city centers. It is used to promote mass and selective products. It can be used wherever a prolonged impact on the recipient is necessary. It covers a small area and does not require large financial outlays, which creates wide possibilities of spatial adaptation.



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