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Knowledge Of Advertising Lightbox !

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Speaking of advertising light boxes, presumably everyone is no stranger. Advertising light boxes range from the most traditional advertising light box to a variety of shaped light box. Today, decided to talk to you about the advertising lightbox.

mupi scrolling bus shelter light box

The advertising light box is also known as the "light box poster" or "night light poster". Advertising light boxes for outdoor use are distributed on roads and streets, as well as in public places such as movie theaters, exhibitions (sales), commercial downtown areas, stations, airports, terminals, parks, etc. Semi-permanent "street art.

Commonly used advertising light boxes:

1. Ultra-thin LED Light Box

Ultra-book light box, also known as side light source light guide plate, ultra-thin light box or backlight energy-saving light box, is a high-tech light box product that combines light guide technology with digital printing and engraving technology, and is made of a variety of outer frame materials. A versatile new light box that uses a 220 volt mains supply or a 220 volt mains supply with a 12 volt transformer to achieve a luminous representation of the illuminating effect.

Ultra-thin LED Light Box

2. Crystal LED Light Box

Crystal led light box (also known as acrylic light box). In 2008, inspired by LCD TVs, it borrowed the backlight technology of LCD TVs and developed a new type of advertising carrier. The side light guide design makes the light more uniform; combined with the transparent crystal frame, the light box lights up with beautiful and beautiful appearance.

Crystal LED Light Box

3. Magnetic LED Light Box

The magnetic led light box is one of the ultra-thin light boxes, but the light box shape used by it is a little different. The magnetic light box is not opened like the ordinary light box. The magnetic light box has iron plates and profiles on the panel. High magnetic. Since the panel has a magnet, the panel can be attracted to it, which is one reason for the name of the magnetic light box.

Magnetic LED Light Box

4. Frameless Fabric LED Backlit Light Box

Frameless Fabric LED Backlit Light Box is printed on the UV soft film or pearl cloth. The light box is composed of the aluminum frame of the Frameless Fabric LED Backlit Light Box, and the high-bright LED light bar and the UV soft film cloth. When installing the screen, directly insert the rubber strip installed around the light box cloth into the groove of the outer frame of the light box, which is simpler and more convenient to install than the light cloth box. When changing the painting, the strip can be pulled out to change the painting, and the replacement is more convenient.

Frameless Fabric LED Backlit Light Box

5. Larger Fabric LED Backlit Light Box

The Fabric LED Backlit Light Box is to smear the advertisement screen on the printing cloth. The light box consists of a fabric aluminum frame, and a high-bright LED strip and a printed cloth. Put a grommet on the four sides of the canvas, and use the strap to stretch the buckle on the canvas and the outer frame when installing the screen. Compared with the card light box, the cloth light box is used for a longer period of time in an environment with a slightly harsh condition such as wind, sun, and oxidation, and is generally used outdoors.

Larger Fabric LED Backlit Light Box

6. 3D Vacuum Formed Embossing Acrylic Light Box Round Shape Signs

The 3D light box adopts three-dimensional luminous word processing technology, and the acrylic panel ensures its stable quality, with good light transmission, clear far vision effect, high compressive strength, no fading for more than ten years, and bright and new features. These are the advantages that other light boxes and metal words cannot match.

 3D Vacuum Formed Embossing Acrylic Light Box Round Shape Signs

7. Airport Directory Signage

The Directory signage is a combination of a guide and a light box. The cold plate, stainless steel or aluminum profile is hollowed out, the specific area is displayed, and then the light source and acrylic are embedded. The effect is self-evident. Sometimes we also use the form of directly using the edging to make the whole picture transparent.

Airport Directory Signage

8. Bulletin Board Light Box

The bulletin board is generally built in the community entrance or exit or cultural square, activity center, highway along the street and near the clubhouse. These scenes make the residents of the community unable to avoid and passive reading. In the past, the bulletin board was in a dormant stage at night, and the bulletin board lightbox awakened this function, making it more eye-catching at night.

Bulletin Board Light Box

9. Menu Light Box

The menu light box is most commonly used in the catering industry. The built-in high-brightness LED strips are made of high-quality acrylic as the panel, which can restore the true brightness of the strip. The ordering light box is divided into two types: wall-mounted and hoisted. Meet our diverse needs.

Menu Light Box

10. Rotating Light Box

The rotating light box is equipped with a motor based on the blister light box so that it can rotate at a constant speed. The disadvantage of the traditional light box being at rest is changed. Greatly increased the dynamics of the scene, making the picture more eye-catching!

Rotating light box

11. More Advertising Light Boxes

For more light boxes such as wrought iron light boxes, aluminum profile light box, rolling light boxes, dynamic led flash light boxes, mupi light box, scrolling light box etc. please consult with us. ADHAIWELL can Supply you One-Stop Media Solution. Captivating your target audience with our innovative advertising light box products.

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