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Face Recognition Access Control Reader Temperature Measuring Detection Scanner Device

The 8 inch Face Recognition Temperature Reader with Temperature Measuring Device is a perfect combination of traditional applications based on face recognition access and infrared temperature detection. Suit for hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, public services.
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Product Description

Face Recognition Reader | Access Control | Temperature Detection 

The 8 inch Face Recognition Temperature Reader with Temperature Measuring Device is a perfect combination of traditional applications based on face recognition access and infrared temperature detection.  Passes high-precision infrared temperature detection and perfectly integrates intelligence such as faces, ID cards, etc. Functions such as access control, time attendance, etc., realize non-contact rapid detection, registration, and recording of human body temperature. It is widely used in office areas, hotels, aisles, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, communities, public services, access gates, and management projects place.

Multi function Employee Attendance fade recognition System

Main Feature

• Support binocular live detection

• Support face recognition with masks and alarm without masks

• Supports real-time detection of face temperature and prohibits the passage of abnormal body temperature

• Supports face tracking exposure of people's movements under strong backlighting

• German imported germanium glass thermal lens temperature measurement module, error ≤±0.3, temperature measurement distance within 0.5 meters

• Unique military-grade embedded face recognition algorithm, accurate face recognition, face recognition time is less than 0.5s

• Using Linux operating system, the system is more stable

• H.265 encoding format video stream is directly connected to storage devices such as NVR through ONVIF protocol and GB28181 protocol

• Support TF card local storage, picture storage for 1 year, video storage for 1 month or longer (related to optional TF card capacity)

• The average trouble-free running time of the host MTBF> 50000h

Product Dimension

face recognition Reader terminal

temperature access control face recognition

Ports Types

body temperature access control ports types


  1. It is recommended to use the temperature measurement equipment in a room without ventilation and a room temperature between 16℃-40℃;

  2. People entering the room from a cold outdoor environment will affect the temperature measurement accuracy;

  3. It takes 10 minutes to turn on the sensor temperature and the ambient temperature to start the test;

  4. It is necessary to ensure that there is no heating source and air conditioning vent within 3 meters of the device;

  5. The forehead temperature test needs to be performed indoors without leaving the forehead uncovered for three minutes and the temperature is stable;

  6. Exposure to certain factors will change the temperature of the forehead, such as showers, hairdryers, sprays, etc.;

  7. When the forehead has oil, makeup, oxygen mask, or the elderly have wrinkles, the read temperature will be lower than the actual temperature;

  8. Read the temperature as the temperature at the projection location (red dots visible in the video) to ensure that there is no hair or clothing blocking.


Technical Specifications

Hardware Configuration


Dual-core processor + 1G memory + 16G EMMC

Operating system

Embedded   Linux system


Support TF card expansion storage

View Angle

Vertical viewing angle: 30°; Horizontal   viewing angle: 30°

Imaging Device

1/2.8"   Progressive Scan CMOS




Standard configuration, voice   playback content can be customized

Real-time Temperature   Measurement Performance

Measurement environment:

16℃-40℃, no wind indoors

Temperature measuring lens

German original imported germanium glass thermal   lens

Sensor type    

Medical-grade sensors imported from Germany

Measurement Accuracy  


Measurement   Accuracy  


Temperature   measurement distance


Response   time


Face recognition performance

Recognize height

1.2-2.2 meters, adjustable   angle

Recognition distance

0.3-1.5 meters, depending on the lens

Recognition time

Less than 0.5 seconds


160,000 snapshot records

Face storage

24000 people

Screen brightness


Communication Interface

Switch Output

1 x switch   output, other GPIO ports can be customized

Network Interface

1 x RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port, customizable Gigabit network   port

Wiegand Interface

1 x Wiegand   interface input, 1 x  Wiegand interface   output can control the universal access controller

USB Interface

1 x USB

Communication Interface   

1 x RS485   interface can control gate, electromagnetic lock, electric control lock, etc.

Camera parameters

Video camera

Binocular visible   light/near infrared camera, support live detection, prevent camouflage fraud   recognition

Effective Pixels

2.1 million effective   pixels, 1920*1080

Minimum illumination

Color   0.01Lux @F1.2(ICR); black and white 0.001Lux @F1.2 (ICR)

Signal to noise ratio

≥50db(AGC OFF)

Wide dynamic

120db, partial exposure of face

Video coding

H.265 Main   Profile encoding/H.264 BP/MP/HP encoding/MJPEG encoding



Image Resolution


Main stream

50Hz: 25fps (1920×1080,1280×720)

60Hz: 30fps (1920×1080,1280×720)

Secondary stream

720*576, 1-25(30) frames/second/640*480, 1-25(30) frames/second

320*240,   1-25(30) frames/second                            

Management functions

Web configuration


Remote device upgrade


Deployment method

Support public network and local area network, support localized   deployment and cloud platform deployment

General Parameters

Working humidity

090% relative humidity, no condensation

Salt spray rating

Rp6 level or above


Contact   ±6KV, air ±8KV



Power consumption  



260(L) * 136(W) *26(D)mm

Panel Size

8  inch  IPS HD Panel

Column aperture



1.7 Kgs

Face Recognition Reader Body Temperature Measurement System Detection


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