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General Questions

  • What sizes available of your light boxes?

    Sizes available from as small as 47“x47" to stunning up to 118"x157”, customized size is available according to client's design.
  • What is the application of led light box?

    Lightboxes have many uses, the most popular of which is to showcase a commercial product or message in high color fidelity and resolution, to promote customer engagement and response. For example, in shopping malls, high way, retail stores, airport, bus stop, multiplexes, entertainment venues, exhibition, casinos etc.
  • What type of graphic is used in your LED light boxes?

    Waterproof and heat-cured PP film with high resolution UV printing will be used in LED light boxes.
  • What is unipole light box?

    Unipole light box is a large billboard which a aluminum frame light box mounted atop a single pole or column. Usually it is used in high way to draw attention from long distance.

  • What is led advertising machine?

    LED advertising machine is made with LCD screen and interior computer-program to display multi-image or advertising video automatically, it is a stylish advertising solution for high-end places.
  • What is flashing light box?

    Flashing light box adopts advanced accurate electronic technology to make graphics change from static to dynamic, from monotonous to colorful smoothly and naturally. According to research,the advertising effect of flashing light box is 4-5 times than traditional static light box.

  • What is scrolling light box?

    Scrolling light box is equipped with scrolling control system to change 4-6 graphic in the same led light box automatically . It’s an economical solution for marketing and advertising.

  • What kinds of light box available?

    Adhaiwell offer all kinds of light boxes which give strong visual impact eg. LED light box, scrolling light box, flashing light box (both single-image and multi-image), led advertising player machine, unipole light box and so on .

  • Why is led light box preferred as advertising solution?

    Strong visual impact, eye-catching advertising, priced affordable, easy to use. LED light box draw attention in high-end busy shopping center, retail stores, malls, airports, pubs and entertainment venues. It is a great way for marketing and economical yet popular advertising every day and night.
  • What is led light box?

    LED light box is built with an exterior aluminum frame and internal LED lighting to provide bright to backlit graphic, which is more durable and free-maintenance than traditional fluorescent lighting box.

Regarding LEDs

  • What LEDs are using in your lightboxes?

    All LEDs are imported from Taiwan with a full 10,000 lx delivering to our light boxes, you will never have to replace a LED bulb.

  • Why is LED technology classified as solid state lighting?

    LED is saving 85% energy than traditional fluorescent lights, which is more efficient and lighter in weight than traditional lights. LED provide long life, pure white light, and is shock and vibration resistant.
  • What are LEDs?

    LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into lights.

Regarding Aluminum Casing

Regarding Front Panel

  • What is tempered glass?

    Tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension.

  • What face panel material uses in your light boxes?

    For small size lightboxes, usually we use tempered glass which is more durable and clearer to display the backlit graphic. For big lightboxes, considering cost and safety, 5mm acrylic board is highly recommended especially for light boxes which are interior mounted on wall.

Regarding Scrolling System

  • What function in your scrolling system?

    1. Time adjustment for 1-6 different graphic;
    2. Synchronized operation for unlimited light boxes in different place;
    3. Non-sensor design, which is more stable than other competitors;
    4. Adjustable scrolling speed;
    5. APP remote alarm for LED strip error,battery error,scrolling error etc;
    6. Silicon strip to prevent circuit board from water and other weather issue.
  • Do you make scrolling system by yourself?

    Yes, Adhaiwell develop the control system by itself. Every model of control system is tested for more than 720 hours to ensure accuracy and stability before using in our light boxes or selling to clients.
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