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Imaginative Outdoor Billboards

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The development of urban economy makes business competition increasingly fierce, and frequent promotional activities also need a variety of publicity channels. So there are more and more need for diverse promotional channels. Outdoor advertising has also won the favor of many advertisers. How to do attractive outdoor advertising? In addition to excellent advertising design, outdoor billboards are also important. Let’s take a look at their outdoor advertising billboard design.



Wishbone-shaped Ads billboard. Installed in a prominent position in the sunset zone of Los Angeles. It was designed by lorcan o'herlihy architect. Large advertising image depicting the entire Los Angeles architectural environment.


Wishbone-shaped billboard

The structure of the advertising billboard is shaped like a wishbone. Two signs extend from a pillar of the pedestal. 90% of the ads outdoor billboard's steel pipe is straight. Three curved angles make the billboard shape more unique.


Outdoor billboard


Two cantilevers make the angle of view the best observation point. Vibrant 'Cobalt Blue' stands out in its surroundings. At the same time, connect vision to the blue sky.


Wishbone-shaped billboard




house Billboard

Do you think this is an ordinary billboard?


Yes, this is still a house.

Outdoor house Billboard

Convert billboards into homes for the homeless. This program was created by design develop. Because the city is engulfed by outdoor advertising billboards, and the maintenance and rental costs of billboards are expensive. In the billboards, the internal space life function is added. This can reduce maintenance costs. Don't look at the place, but the function is all right.

 Outdoor house Billboard(2)house Billboard(3)

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