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  • Creative Bus Shelter: Interactive Bus Shelter in Paris


    Italian street furniture design company metalco developed an interactive outdoor bus stop called “Osmose” for Paris. The bus shelter was built at Gard Lyon Station, and the intelligent station of the bus shelter was designed by the French architect MAc aurel. Read More

  • What Are the Advantages of Bus Shelter Advertising?


    With the spread of big data, Internet of Things and cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, technology is integrating digital and offline worlds, and outdoor has the ability to enhance the influence of digital and mobile marketing online. With the development of our city, co Read More

  • What Functions Should The Bus Shelter Have?


    The bus shelter provides a place for rest for passengers. It is the infrastructure of urban public transportation, highlights the economic and cultural level of a city. What are the most basic functions of such an infrastructure? Read More

  • Imaginative Outdoor Billboards


    The development of urban economy makes business competition increasingly fierce, and frequent promotional activities also need a variety of publicity channels. So there are more and more need for diverse promotional channels. Outdoor advertising has also won the favor of many advertisers. Read More

  • Hollywood Cool LED Billboards Take You To Play with LED Screen


    The Sunset Strip is located in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The 27-kilometer Sunset Boulevard road is lined with palm trees and movie billboards. This is the symbol of Hollywood celebrity culture and is synonymous with Hollywood starlight. Let’s take a look today at what the brainstorming des Read More

  • Why Invest in Outdoor Unipole Billboards


    Why is outdoor advertising effective? More real than online advertising! The fact that we often see Internet company advertisements outdoors can show that outdoor advertising is definitely effective. If outdoor advertising doesn't work, these Internet companies don't have the money to be willing to burn like this. Read More

  • Knowledge Of Advertising Lightbox !


    Speaking of advertising light boxes, presumably everyone is no stranger. Advertising light boxes range from the most traditional advertising light box to a variety of shaped light box. Today, decided to talk to you about the advertising lightbox. Read More

  • How Many Types of LED Backlit Lighting for Advertising Light Box


    Various types of LED products have gradually entered various industries, especially in the current commercial field, and are widely used in lighting, decoration, and advertising. As a traditional advertising medium for advertising, the advertising light box is more and more selected on the light source of the light box. Read More

  • Where Can Be Applicated Transparent LED Display?


    Transparent LED display is mainly used in airports, chain stores, large shopping malls, corporate exhibition halls, science and technology museums, advertising media and other places. The transparent LED display screen can promote advertising, enhance the good role of the brand, etc. Read More

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