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Outdoor Advertising is Cross-border Marketing?

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Cross-border marketing has become a home-cooking dish for corporate marketing. When you accidentally see cross-border marketing, everyone is familiar with them, such as Xiao Huang and Xiao Huangren, KFC and chicken games, with the attention of users. With the fragmentation of time being cut, marketers must seek a more diversified reach channel in order to achieve maximum effective reach.

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So what is cross-border marketing?

In fact, cross-border marketing is brand plus, telling new stories with two different brands! The pursuit is the effect of 1+1 greater than 2. Many cross-border marketing negotiations focus on the issue of brand mass, such as how many fans you have, how many fans I have...

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 So how do outdoor media cross-border marketing? In fact, outdoor advertising is a cross-border, but many outdoor media companies have no concept of branding for their own media, and they will not use advertising as brand cooperation. They are all buying and selling transactions.

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 In fact, an empty billboard will not attract anyone's attention. It does not have imagery and value. Only when an advertisement screen is published, only one billboard has content, and it will be associated with the crowd. When the billboard is displayed, Advertising also provides content for billboards, giving billboard properties and emotions, and over time it forms the IP of a billboard.

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Outdoor advertising has more attributes and tags than location and traffic. These tags are the IP of a billboard. The advertiser chooses the billboard in addition to the location and data. What kind of attributes and labels a billboard has will become. The advertiser's reference and these labels and attributes are given by the historical advertising content of the outdoor billboard.

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Therefore, when the billboards help advertisers publicize, the media itself has also been promoted, especially in today's highly developed Internet, outdoor advertising can also burst red networks, such as Billboard cloud music subway music evaluation ads, not only let Billboard music fire It also made the subway station fire.

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When advertisers are considering how to use our billboards to launch marketing, outdoor media companies should also be aware that we should use the content of advertisers to expand the marketing of billboards and operate the billboards as a brand and an IP!

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