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Face Shield PET Cover & Goggles Premier Face Protector

All-Round Protection Cap Reusable Full Face Lightweight Adjustable Transparent Shield with Clear Film and Goggles frame. Optically clear, distortion-free wrap-around face shield. Protects mask and face from direct splatter.

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  • Face Shield Protective Medical Goggles
  • Adhaiwell
  • $ 0.8 CIF
  • 5000pcs
  • 9405600000 

Product Description

If you are looking for a shield to prevent direct splashes of liquids etc from hitting your face then look no further. Our Face Shields are lightweight and comfortable and don’t use foam headbands which cause moisture buildup and can be a breeding ground for a virus or bacteria.

Will a Face Shield Protect You From the Coronavirus?

If you are looking for a face shield to prevent direct splashes of liquids etc from hitting your face then look no further. The Face Shields with Goggles are lightweight and comfortable and don’t use foam headbands which cause moisture buildup and can be a breeding ground for a virus or bacteria.

How to Use the Face Shield Pet Cover & Googgle 


What is a face shield?

During the early days of the Coronavirus, people all probably laughed at images or videos of people who were wearing masks to protect themselves from COVID-19. 


While appropriate masks are recommended to prevent inhalation of hazards, they do not protect the rest of the face, eyes, etc. Face shield Pro protects the whole face from direct splashes.


Face Shield Pro’s unique design is ultra-light and stable. The frame is similar to wearing a pair of glasses. They’re so comfortable, you’ll forget your wearing one.


No Foam or other absorbent parts. The whole shield and frame can be washed with soap and water or rubbed down with alcohol.


Face Shield Pro does not contact the top of your head allowing airflow which avoids fogging up from perspiration. Can be worn with a mask and surgical caps.


Elongated Curved-shape design allows for maximum coverage and protection from particle droplets, spray, splatter, saliva, wind, smoke, and debris.


Made from transparent PVC material, the raised nasal attachment gives ample separation between the nose and face which can be worn comfortably with or without prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses.


Face shields are reusable, reasonably priced, and easy to clean. The visor can be cleaned after every use with soap and water, or wiped with disinfectant (recommended).


This One-size-fits-all replaceable and reusable visor with glass attachment is a practical and portable protective solution.


A face shield, an item of personal protective equipment, aims to protect the wearer's entire face from hazards such as flying objects and road debris, chemical splashes, or potentially infectious materials. 

Full face protection from the droplet, dust, oil smoke, and so on.

Adjustable elastic.No matter women, girls, boys, men, or kids, it is suitable for all.

Material: PET 

Size: 33cm x 22cm/12.99" x 8.66" (Approx.)

Note: Please rip off the protective film layer on both sides of the protective cover before use.

Suitable for daily use, busy city streets, bad weather, dust weather. Protect you from saliva, pitting, splash, sneeze, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking, Wide Visor Spitting for Cycling Camping Travel for Kids Teens Men Women, etc.




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