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High Brightness Outdoor LCD Digital Signage Solutions

Adhaiwell offers high brightness outdoor LCD digital signage solutions for impactful advertising. Explore our products for reliable 24/7 performance. High brightness LCD displays ensure your messages shine even in direct sunlight.

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  • Outdoor 65" LCD Digital Signage

  • Adhaiwell

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Product Description


Outdoor LCD Display in Portrait Format

Adhaiwell's Outdoor Digital Signage with High Brightness Outdoor LCD Displays is designed for precise placement where information is required. Whether it's at the bus stop, platform, public marketplaces, company entrances, in front of museums, or at the entrance to citizen advice centers, this digital signage solution ensures information is easily accessible. With its portrait format, it garners attention from afar, making it a prominent focal point. Installation is hassle-free, requiring only a power connection and a solid base.

Notable Features:

Operating Temperature Range: From -33 to +50 ° C

Uninterrupted 24/7 Operation

Robust and Highly Resistant Construction

Exceptional Readability Even in Direct Sunlight

Adhaiwell's outdoor LCD displays excel in delivering information effectively, regardless of the weather or time of day.

Durable Quality for Extended Lifespan

Adhaiwell systems are synonymous with reliability, featuring robust aluminum construction made of ST profiles. These systems are not only protected against water and dirt ingress but also crafted using components of the highest quality. This commitment to quality ensures safety and an extended service life for our products.

Weatherproof Outdoor Excellence

Our commitment to delivering outdoor excellence extends to weatherproofing. Our outdoor LCD displays thrive in the harshest of conditions, with a temperature range from -33 to +50 °C easily managed by the integrated air conditioning system. Here's what makes our displays suitable for extreme environmental conditions:

1. All-Weather Design: Our LCD displays are meticulously crafted to endure a wide temperature range, from frigid -33°C to scorching +50°C.

2. Integrated Climate Control: The integrated cooling and heating system is the hallmark of our displays. This system responds to external temperatures, ensuring the inside temperature remains constant, regardless of the weather.

3. Extreme Durability: Our LCD displays are built to withstand extreme environmental conditions, ensuring that your message remains visible, come rain or shine.

Trust Adhaiwell for outdoor LCD displays that can brave the elements while delivering optimal performance. Your message is in good hands.

All-Weather Outdoor LCD Signage

Reliability 24/7, Rain or Shine

Our commitment to reliability is unwavering, ensuring 24/7 safe operation, even in the face of extreme temperature fluctuations. Here's what makes our outdoor LCD displays a dependable choice:

1. Safe 24/7 Operation: Our displays are engineered for 24/7 use, remaining steadfast even in cases of extreme temperature fluctuations, thanks to powerful air-air cooling systems and integrated heating elements.

2. Intelligent Brightness Control: To optimize visibility and energy efficiency, our displays feature intelligent brightness control. The screen brightness automatically adjusts to the ambient light, ensuring your message shines brightly while conserving energy.

Choose Adhaiwell for outdoor LCD displays that you can trust to perform around the clock, adapting to the environment and ensuring your message is always clear and engaging

Outdoor Digital Signage Solution

Rugged and Safe Design for Unmatched Durability

Trust Adhaiwell for displays that not only deliver outstanding performance but also protect against vandalism, offering longevity and peace of mind.

Robust Construction:

Both the housing and the glass surface are exceptionally sturdy, making them incredibly challenging to destroy, safeguarding your investment.

Advanced Glass Technology:

The glass also includes an anti-glare surface, reducing reflections and ensuring your content remains visible and engaging.

Unrivaled Sunlight Readability

Our outdoor LCD Panels are engineered for exceptional readability, even in direct sunlight and bright ambient light conditions. Delivering unrivaled sunlight readability for your outdoor advertising needs.

Outstanding Brightness:

With a brightness of up to 2500cd, our displays ensure that your content remains easily visible and vibrant, even in the harshest sunlight.

Advanced Anti-Glare Glass:

Our displays feature anti-glare glass equipped with UV and IR filters. This technology minimizes glare, and reflections, and ensures that your content remains crystal clear and engaging under direct sunlight.

High Brightness LCD Displays

Why Choose Adhaiwell's Advanced High-Brightness Outdoor LCD Display?

At Adhaiwell, we take outdoor digital signage to the next level with our features in various sizes, including 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch 2500 high-brightness screen PANELS options, ensuring that you can choose the perfect fit for your advertising needs. Their high resolution guarantees that your content is displayed with clarity and precision, making them ideal for high-impact advertising.

1. Crystal Clear 4K Display:

Our dual-sided, dual-screen 4K display ensures stunning visuals, with backward compatibility for 2K content, offering incredible clarity for your outdoor advertising needs.

2. Built for the Elements:

Our outdoor waterproof cooling shell is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring your message is visible even in adverse environments.

3. Dual-Motherboard Design:

The dual motherboard display supports simultaneous, identical content display on both sides or different content on each screen, giving you versatile options for your advertising campaigns.

4. Enhanced Visibility:

The entire front of the screen is protected by AG anti-glare black-edge screen-printed glass, reducing reflections and ensuring excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

5. Robust Security:

Our displays feature anti-leakage, anti-lightning strike, anti-theft, and anti-explosion treatments, providing peace of mind in terms of both security and durability.

6. Reliable Power:

We equip our displays with an industrial Meanwell box power supply and high-quality cooling fan, ensuring stable and efficient operation.

7. Smart Temperature Control:

Our displays feature intelligent temperature control with automatic photosensitivity, maintaining optimal performance while preserving the longevity of the system.

Choose Adhaiwell for cutting-edge technology, durability, and unmatched visibility for your outdoor advertising needs.

Contact Us for a Quote:

Ready to take your outdoor advertising to the next level? Contact Adhaiwell today to discuss your unique requirements and receive a quote for our high brightness outdoor LCD digital signage solutions.




  • Captivating your target audience with our innovative advertising products .Manufacturer of Advertising Display.Supply One-Stop Media Solution.Your Outdoor Advertising Experts.Your Best Partner in China. Adhaiwell is Gold Member of Made-in-China and Canton Fair. Adhaiwell is your trusted partner in China.
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